where do all emos come from?

I´ve been to malmö with nathalie today, it was great! The whole trip cost me 90 krons, and it was sooooo worth the money! We went to american store (wich is a strange shop) first. I wonder if they get sacked if they play non-american music? Then we walked to "designtorget" wich is a cool shop where designers put in all their funny stuff for sale. We saw a thingy that made it easeir to pour water from flasks and it was an interesting shop altogether. We went to the triangle to fika. I had a vienerbröd and sprite, it was very good indeed. After that we got home, I think. We saw hundreds of emos along the way, they were haunting us I think. However, some quotes were said. I won´t translate them. 1) Emma: vad har du för planer med livet Natta? Natta(eftertänksamt): äta vienerbröd. 2) Emma(filosofiskt): tänk vad många människor det finns i världen. Natta: tänk vad många emos det finns i världen! 3) på bussen. "jag träffade en rasisttyp och han sa "jag gillar inte utlänningar, men jag gillar dig!"". Haha, c u soon!


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